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Set Limits

Recognize the Risks

Know When to Stop

Make a Plan.
Reduce Your Risk.

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Sports Are Fast.
Betting Shouldn't Be.

Sports are getting faster and faster, and so is betting. Betting too fast can lead to making bets without thinking about the risk, which can develop into a gambling disorder.
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Stories of Recovery

Hear the true testimonials of Ohioans who are in recovery from gambling addiction.

Steve’s Story

With over 14 years in recovery, Steve’s story is one of encouragement and hope for anyone who might be questioning if they need help.

Stories of Recovery

Are You at Risk for a
Gambling Disorder?

It only takes two minutes to gauge your risk level for a gambling disorder.

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Stop Youth Gambling
Before It Starts

Free resources are available from Change the Game Ohio campaign to help raise awareness about the dangers of youth gambling and provide tools for parents, educators, and youth on how to prevent youth gambling.
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