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What is Gambling Disorder?

Gambling Disorder, also known as problem gambling or gambling addiction, is a pattern of gambling behaviors that occurs when a person’s gambling goes beyond entertainment to become a preoccupation and disrupt their personal, family, or work life. Like other kinds of addiction, gambling disorder is considered a diagnosable and treatable condition.

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Do all bettors experience a gambling disorder?

No. Many people find responsible betting and gambling to be a fun way to play a game while spending time with family or friends. But for medical reasons, a subset of people who bet find it difficult to moderate their betting and gambling, which can result in a gambling disorder that requires addiction treatment or other kinds of help.

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Why is it important to bet responsibly?

Individuals who engage in gambling can keep it a fun activity by playing it safe. Make a plan to bet responsibly by setting limits, recognizing the risks, and knowing when to stop. Additionally, raising awareness of responsible gambling practices can help those who need it by sharing resources and tips.

Consequences of a
Gambling Disorder

People experiencing a gambling disorder are twice as likely to experience mood disorders like depression.
People experiencing a gambling disorder are three times as likely to experience alcohol or drug dependency.
Researchers estimate that more than 80% of people experiencing a gambling disorder never seek treatment.
About 32% of people experiencing a gambling disorder consider dying by suicide.

Who Is At Risk In Ohio?

Types of Gambling in Ohio

Your guide to responsible gambling for all of the types of gambling in the state.

From sports betting to casino gambling to fantasy sports, there are many ways to bet legally and responsibly in Ohio. 

Types of Gambling
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Emerging Gambling Types

Betting and gambling change all the time. We help you keep up, and keep it responsible.

The landscape of gambling now includes online gaming and other activities that simulate gambling behaviors. Access this guide to keep your play responsible. 

Emerging Gambling Types
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Our Mission

Pause Before You Play educates the public and grows awareness about gambling disorder, helps keep gambling and betting responsible and fun for those who engage in it, and connects people who need help with resources.

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Are You at Risk for a
Gambling Disorder?

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