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UPDATED: Spanish Translation Toolkit

Published: April 30, 2018

Through research and data recently uncovered in Ohio’s 2016-2017 Gambling Survey, we recognize that it is important to provide minority populations with resources for responsible gambling and assistance for people with gambling disorder. Gambling addiction can affect people regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or background.
There are a few gambling methods popular in Latino communities that aren’t frequently talked about in most problem gambling discussions. Some of these common gambling methods are card games, dice games, cock fights and dog fights, and unregulated lotteries. Gambling opportunities can be found in neighborhood bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment venues, as well as typical destinations such as casinos and resorts.
While the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline can provide a Spanish language crisis counselor, there are few other resources for Latinos in their native language that specifically address gambling addiction.
It is because of the scarcity of these materials that the Spanish Translation Toolkit was created. These tools not only help to spread public awareness on responsible gambling practices, but also educate people about the dangers and risks involved with gambling.
To access these materials, visit On the homepage, click the Community Toolkit button in the quick links menu. You will then be taken to a screen that asks for a password, which you can obtain by contacting, at which point a representative will respond quickly with the password.
The Spanish Translation Toolkit is located below the General Community Toolkit and is comprised of materials such as print ads, pocket cards, billboard ads, posters, digital ads, and radio commercials that are written entirely in Spanish.
Thank you again for your commitment to helping Ohio communities reduce problem gambling and build awareness of resources available for prevention and treatment. To access the Spanish toolkit and other resources, please visit

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