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Parents Must Educate Children On Gambling Risks

Published: October 15, 2018

Gambling watchdogs in different parts of the world have been growing more concerned with each passing year over the rise in problem gamblers especially amongst the younger generation.

The United Kingdom is one such nation that has witnessed a massive spike in gambling addiction as children are being exposed to a bombardment of gambling advertisements during prime time television. The fact that online gambling is legalized in the UK also makes it easy for the younger generation to place bets.

The United States could also soon be hit with a gambling epidemic as there are as many as 20 different states considering legalizing sports betting.

Gambling watchdogs in different parts of the world have tried to impose more stringent regulations and issue fines to gambling operators who violate regulations in a bid to curb gambling addiction amongst children.

The Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling (WCPG) believes that it parents can play a big role in curbing gambling addiction if they spend time talking and educating their children on the ill effects of gambling.

In a statement, Rose Blozinski, WCPG Executive Director said

Parents and others should be aware that teens and young adults are among the highest risk groups for developing gambling problems. The independence of campus living may be an inducement to gamble for some college students. But the seeds are often sown at a much earlier age



Most parents are not in a position to counsel or identify if their children are showing tendencies towards gambling addiction because they are simply not aware of the signs. One of the things they can do is read up and educate themselves on the matter or be open and frank with their kids.

WCPG has provided a list of common questions that parents can run past their kids to get things started. Some of the questions that indicate a tendency towards gambling addiction are: Are you missing school and assignments in order to spend time gambling? Do you classify gambling as the most exciting activity in your life? Have you borrowed money or stolen something in order to finance your gambling activities? Do you have the urge to gamble and try and recover your money after losing?

If you find that your child or young adult has a gambling problem, please reach out to problem gambling organizations for help.


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