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5 healthy summer habits

Published: July 14, 2020

Summer is in full swing! All the sunshine, warm weather, and outdoor activities can give people the nudge they need to adopt new healthy habits. Here are 5 habits to embrace this summer and in every season!

  1. Stay hydrated.
    Drinking enough water is a must, particularly in the hot summer months. One simple way to drink more is to have water instead of a sugary, alcoholic, or caffeinated beverage with each meal. Consider getting a water bottle you can fill up and take with you. And be sure to know the warning signs of dehydration.
  2. Apply sunscreen.
    Those bright rays may feel great, but they can damage your skin if you’re not careful. Apply sunscreen on any exposed skin, including your scalp, ears, and neck. Treat your lips with balm that includes SPF. Remember to reapply throughout the day.
  3. Enjoy the outdoors—especially for exercising.
    Whether you like swimming, walking, gardening or practicing yoga, there are plenty of ways to get outside and get moving. In addition to the health benefits of regular exercise, spending time outdoors has been shown to improve mental health, boost moods, lower blood pressure, and more.
  4. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
    From cantaloupes and cucumbers to blackberries and beets, fresh produce is ripe for the picking each summer in Ohio. Not only do fruits and veggies offer numerous nutrients, but they also taste delicious! Take a look at the Ohio Fresh Produce Harvest Calendar to see what’s available now.  
  5. Know when to take a break.
    All that fun in the sun can be taxing on your body. Be sure to take breaks from the heat every now and then to avoid heat-related illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heat rash.

For more healthy habits to add to your days, check out tips and resources from the CDC.

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