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Before You Bet Launches Online Gaming Toolkit and Resources

Published: March 22, 2021

Online gaming is more popular than ever, and while your favorite online games may look and feel innocent, it has a stronger connection to gambling than you may think.

It’s easy to think that online gaming is only for children and young adults, but people of all ages play online games every day. That’s why Before You Bet is proud to launch the newest community toolkit to spread awareness about the connection between online gaming and gambling and provide resources to help create healthy habits with online gaming.

Gambling is risking something of value on an event that is determined mostly by chance. The outcome has an element of chance beyond the person’s control. Many online games have loot boxes that give users a chance to win in-game prizes to enhance their play. And when looking at what a loot box is, it’s easy to see how online gaming can lead to problem gambling. The “highs” and “lows” that players experience after opening a box can lead them to chase their losses – a common problem gambling behavior.

This toolkit features resources that easily break down the different aspects of online gaming, warning signs of excessive gaming, and tips for responsible gameplay. Before You Bet hopes this toolkit serves as a reminder to adults to only spend only what you have, set limits, and know your risks.

In addition to the toolkit, Game Quitters and Gamban serve as powerful tools to help individuals cut back the time spent playing online games. Game Quitters provides tools, resources, and support groups to help gamers and family members concerned about someone they care about, and Gamban blocks access to gambling websites across all your devices.

[Access the toolkit]

Questions? Co-branding requests?

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Ohio for Responsible Gambling sincerely thanks all organizations and individuals working to raise awareness about the importance of responsible gambling and the resources available to help prevent or treat problem gambling.

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