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What is Digital Health and Why is it Important?

Published: October 18, 2021

Having good digital health habits are important, especially at a time when our reliance on technology has never been greater, and the same can be said when it comes to online gambling. Online gambling encompasses any game that’s connected to or played over the internet – whether it be a smartphone, tablet, computer, or gaming console. 

Based on the statistics below, online gambling has become a costly pastime:

For many, online gambling is a fun form of entertainment, but for some, the 24/7 access to online prizes and chasing the “highs” and “lows” that come with winning and losing can lead to a problem with gambling. This can come with other mental and physical problems like depression, anxiety, or stress.

One way industry leaders are trying to minimize the risk of problem gambling is by prioritizing digital health and setting healthy boundaries. There are a number of different tools that can be used with online gambling that can help set boundaries on money and time. To learn more about technology that can help you if you choose to gamble, read this recent blog post.

Aside from apps and online tools, there are plenty of other ways to mitigate the potential risks of gambling and to develop better digital health habits. Below are a few simple steps you can implement today.

Take regular screen breaks. Stepping away from screens for an extended period at least once an hour can improve our mood, sleeping habits, and more. It’s also important to break from screens right before bed, as the blue light they radiate can disrupt your sleeping patterns.  

Balance online gambling and other digital activities with other healthy activities. Balance time spent gambling or on devices with other recreational activities like working out, connecting with friends, or doing something creative like painting or sculpting. 

To learn more tips and facts around responsible gambling visit the Tips and Education page. And if you think you or someone you know might be struggling with a problem with gambling help is always available via the free, 24/7 helpline today by calling 1-800-589-9966 or by texting 4HOPE to 741741.

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