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What Virtual Reality, Cyberspace, and Cryptocurrencies All Have in Common

Published: May 23, 2022

Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace for the gambling industry and is only expected to keep developing in 2022. Experts have many predictions for the future of gambling, but a few evolutions are expected to grow significantly. These include cyberspace and iGaming, virtual reality, and crypto gambling.

Cyberspace and iGaming

iGaming has continued to grow since the internet became readily accessible two decades ago, but it has exploded even more recently. That’s partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s shelter in place orders, which forced people who usually went to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to explore virtual options. Other factors include online payments becoming more popular, mobile device games becoming more accessible, and increased advertising and promotions. 

Virtual reality gambling

As Before You Bet has mentioned in a previous blog post, virtual reality and augmented reality gambling is also growing exponentially. Virtual reality uses visual technology and 3D interfaces to make players feel like they’re experiencing interactive, lifelike casino encounters with other players. Players can also electronically pay instead of using cash, which has been shown to increase the amount people bet.


This advancement is becoming extremely popular, and prevention specialists are still trying to understand its potential impact. The ability to make quick and easy deposits and withdrawals have contributed to the widespread adoption of online gambling and have the potential to adversely impact someone struggling with problem gambling. 

No matter how the gambling industry continues to develop, it can still pose potential issues for someone who might be at-risk of problem gambling. Before You Bet provides plenty of ways to understand your risk for problem gambling and tips to gamble responsibly if choosing to do so, from free education and resources to an interactive quiz and game

You can also talk to a trained and understanding specialist 24/7 by calling the free and confidential Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966 or texting 4HOPE to 74174.

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