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Tips for Supporting Responsible Gambling and Mental Health in 2023

Published: January 23, 2023

Responsible gaming in Ohio is evolving fast. With the recent start of legal sports betting in the state bringing all kinds of new changes and challenges, 2023 is already looking to be a year of continuous and quick adaptation. But in the face of rapid evolution, it is also important to remember that practicing and promoting responsible gambling is a marathon, not a sprint. Taking time out to rest, plan, and support your mental health is key to long-term responsible gambling success. 

That’s why Before You Bet has explored ways to promote responsible gambling practices in past blogs. This blog, instead, will focus on ways to set yourself and your organization up to continue promoting and practicing responsible gambling throughout the year. Try these four tips to support your mental health and responsible gambling practices in 2023:

Access Community Resources

Ensuring that you take advantage of the resources available to you is one way to make sure you are set up for long term success. Before You Bet offers a wide variety of resources that can help you meet other members of Ohio’s supportive and growing responsible gambling community, including a calendar of events held by organizations across the state and toolkits of resources that can help you build a responsible gambling community in your own part of Ohio. 

Build Resilience Through Healthy Routines

The daily grind can sometimes be overwhelming, especially during those cold Ohio winter months. But there is always hope, and you can find it by setting simple, uplifting routines for yourself. Try bundling up and taking a walk outside, stepping away from your work to make a cup of tea, or calling a friend just to talk. For those that are affected by seasonal affective disorder during the winter months, sun lamps are available. And if you feel you are in crisis at any time, do not hesitate to call the 24/7 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988. 

Set Reminders

A healthy lifestyle, like responsible gambling, doesn’t happen without a plan, and those plans are the result of solid habits. The key to creating those habits is simple: reminders. If you are looking to set yourself up for responsible gambling success, make sure to make a reminder to set aside time beforehand to set limits, recognize the risks, and ask yourself if it’s time to stop, and to promote responsible gambling practices among your friends and family. Reminders are also important for other healthy habits, like eating well and exercising. Try using an app on your phone to set a few reminders and see what habits you can cultivate. 

Find Your Community 

When it comes to responsible gambling, you are never alone. For those seeking gambling treatment or peer support, listings for support groups in your community are available. And for those working to promote responsible gambling practices across the state, new events, trainings, and other resources are being offered all the time. By attending a gathering of like-minded people, you will find a sense of community and togetherness. And remember that free support is always a call away from the 24/7 Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline by calling 1-800-589-9966 or texting 4HOPE to 741741.

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