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Make a Responsible Betting Routine with the Help of Pause Before You Play

Published: November 6, 2023

Athletes don’t go out on the field without a proper warm-up because they know it could increase their chances of injury. And just like athletes, fans can work to avoid the risks of sports betting by prepping ahead of time – which is what the new PSA video from Pause Before You Play is all about. 

While some sports bettor’s warm-up routines might include jumping jacks and lunges, the real game changer is setting limits on the time and money spent betting, recognizing the risks, and knowing when to stop. Pause Before You Play show announcers commentate on each of those responsible betting moves, reiterating the importance of pausing before you play. 

New Pause Before You Play PSA

The new PSA is sure to be a great assist for viewers who might have questions about their sports betting or gambling behavior and for gambling and behavioral health professionals looking to provide more responsible betting resources to those they work with.

In addition, remembering the following tips can help keep your sports betting responsible.

  • Know that everyone loses over time.
  • Bet only what you can afford to lose.
  • Understand that knowing more about a game won’t ensure a win.
  • Know when to quit and don’t chase your losses.
  • Know what’s legal to play in your area.
  • Know where and when to get help.

Pause Before You Play offers a free two-minute quiz to rate your risk and a wide variety of listings for free helpful organizations, programs, and local-to-you services. Access the Get Help page to find online listings for support groups, financial education resources, and more.

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