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Ohio Explores App for College Athletes to Report Sports Bettor Abuse 

Published: February 26, 2024

Sports betting is more popular than ever, and some bettors are putting pressure on athletes to perform for the sake of their bottom line. This is especially true for athletes and fans at the college level. Fortunately, the Ohio Casino Control Commission is working on several initiatives to dissuade bettors from sending negative messages and help student-athletes handle uncomfortable situations.

According to an article from, the Commission recently heard about an initiative to develop an app that will “allow athletes to report harassment anonymously or openly.” The app would also help educate players and provide a portal where they could access telehealth services. These changes are in line with the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s request for lawmakers to consider strengthening protections for student-athletes, a topic we covered in a previous blog post.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has taken an interest in the commission’s initiatives, according to the article. He recently signed Ohio’s 2024-2025 operating budget bill, which includes a law that states that anyone who “threatens violence or harm against any person who is involved in the sporting event, where the threat is related to sports gaming” could be banned from play by the commission.

Whether it involves college or professional sports, betting can pose potential problems for certain individuals. To rate your own risk, take the two-minute quiz on the Pause Before You Play website.

If you choose to bet on sports, make sure to pause before you place your wager and:

  • Recognize the risks that can come with betting.
  • Set limits on the time and money you’re willing to spend.
  • Understand that knowing more about a game won’t ensure a win.

Visit for more information, and to access various recovery resources. You’ll find everything from recovery groups like Gamblers Anonymous to self-banning programs available to anyone who needs them.

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