Problem Gambling Advocacy Day 2024

May 23

Problem Gambling Advocacy Day is a powerful and impactful in-person event on Capitol Hill where individuals, organizations, and advocates come together in person to raise awareness and educate legislators about the critical issue of problem gambling.

Why should I participate in Advocacy Day?


Every voice makes a difference at Advocacy Day; and it’s your chance to let your lawmakers know that you care about developing strong public policies relating to problem gambling and appropriating the necessary funding for education, research, treatment and prevention. Experienced advocates coordinate each lawmaker meeting, but it’s the faces and stories from their district that lawmakers remember.


During Advocacy Day you will have the opportunity to educate your legislators about the effectiveness of problem gambling prevention, education and treatment. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to tell members of your congressional delegation and/or their key staffers about your organization, and what you’re accomplishing in the community.

Speak Up for Change

Every voice makes a difference on Advocacy Day. It’s your chance to speak out in favor of problem gambling awareness, educate your legislators on the importance of strong public policies, and share impactful stories from your community.

At the end of the day, lawmakers rarely remember facts and figures. They remember the faces and stories of the people they represent.


Contact Cole Wogoman, NCPG Senior Manager, Government Relations and League Partnerships. (