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NCAA “must evolve and expand” post-PASPA, says chief legal officer

Published: August 13, 2018

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Chief Legal Officer Donald Remy has argued that the association must “evolve and expand”, in order help maintain its integrity post-PASPA.

The comment comes as the non-profit organisation, which regulates athletes from 1281 institutions and conferences, will launch a study into sports betting in the US.

“While we certainly respect the Supreme Court’s decision, our position on sports wagering remains,” Remy asserted. “With this new landscape, we must evolve and expand our long-standing efforts to protect both the integrity of competitions and the well-being of student-athletes.”

The governing body of US college sports will develop an advisory panel of experts examining the effects of betting throughout US sports value chain, focusing on ‘how best to protect game integrity, monitor betting activity, manage sports data and expand educational efforts’.

In the decade-long battle to suspend PASPA’s federal mandate, the NCAA had been the staunchest supporter of the US previous anti-betting stance.

As a governing body, the NCAA maintains that its syndicated sports competitions may be more susceptible to match-fixing and corruption than its professional counterparts, as college athletes are not paid.

Therefore, the unnamed panel will review all sporting dynamics including; referee officiating, match rules, and federal/state legislation with regards to the use of integrity services.

Totally Gaming says: The NCAA has made its feelings towards legalising sports betting in the US clear from the offset. The fact that it persists with its robust opposition even when PASPA has been repealed indicates that gambling firms may be in for a bumpier ride than first anticipated.



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