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Real-Time Technology Could Be Responsible Gambling Game-Changer

Published: July 12, 2021

How would lives change if a person struggling with or in the process of developing a problem with gambling was notified in real-time that their behavior could potentially be harmful? 

The result would be game-changing, according to Gaming Innovation Group, also known as GiG. As a leading iGaming technology company, GiG provides solutions, products, and services to iGaming operators. 

Operators have been experiencing tighter regulations around responsible gambling practices and player protection. Many operators are also being required to provide real-time insights to meet regulation requirements. 

In response, GiG has created real-time technology that can help operators better predict and act on potentially problematic gambling behaviors within their operations. These player safety services were created through various interviews, focus groups, and testing phases, and are now being implemented in various ways.

For example, some operators can choose to send an automatic communication to users to take another kind of action if their gambling behavior is becoming problematic, depending on what regulations and requirements are in place at that operation. 

In other operations, when a player displays patterns of problem gambling, the platform will notify an operator immediately. From there, operators can develop comprehensive policies and procedures based on those real-time insights. The hope is that the number of individuals who might be struggling with or in the process of developing a problem with gambling will decrease as a result. 

Since the signs of a problem with gambling are not always overtly obvious, which is why this kind of technology can be very helpful in addressing what might be hidden under the surface. Signs of a problem with gambling include:

  • Borrowing money for gambling
  • Hiding how much time or money is spent gambling
  • Being restless or irritated when not gambling
  • Exaggerating wins and minimizing losses 
  • Hiding bills or unpaid debts 

By taking the free, 2-minute quiz, you can answer questions about your gambling activity in the last 12 months and gauge your risk level for problem gambling. Click here to take the quiz now. 

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